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Removable Retainers

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Most of the time, after you get your braces off, you will need to wear a retainer to hold your teeth in their new positions. Initially, you will wear it all the time, and eventually much less. The team at Barnett Orthodontics of Austin & Round Rock, TX, will let you know what your expected schedule for retainer-wear will be.

Schedule One
When you initially get your braces off, it will be necessary to wear your retainers all of the time, day and night. Every time you eat a meal, you will need to brush your teeth and your retainers. Once a week, you will want to let your retainers soak in an efferdent solution for about an hour to remove plaque and tartar.

Schedule Two
Once your teeth are comfortable in their new positions, the team at Barnett Orthodontics will let you know that you can start wearing your retainer only at night. You will still want to brush your retainers every morning and soak them once a week. However, you will still need to wear your retainer every night.

Schedule Three
Dental braces or dental retainer with small on white background. This appliance is use to maintain dental arch after orthodontic treatment.

Once your teeth are firmly in place, you will be able to reduce your wear from nightly to a few nights per week. This schedule is designed specifically to retain your smile and ensure that your teeth do not begin to shift. You will still want to brush your retainers every morning after a night of wear, and you will soak them once per week.

Tips for Success
Once you get your braces off, you’ll always want to show off your smile. However, if you do not follow your retainer schedule with discipline, your teeth may shift into imperfect alignment once again. To help you succeed in keeping the smile you will love for a lifetime, we have provided the following tips for success:

  • Ask your Austin or Round Rock, TX, orthodontist for your retainer case a month before you are scheduled to get your braces off. Practice carrying it around with you and having it near you while you eat meals. Many that do not form this habit end up throwing away their retainer with their lunches!
  • When your retainers are not in use, keep your them out of reach, especially from pets. Many of your pet’s toys are plastic-like and brightly colored. You pet will be completely unaware that your retainers are off-limits! In the case that your pet gets a hold of your retainer despite your best efforts, schedule an appointment with Barnett Orthodontics right away so you can order a replacement or get a repair (if possible).
  • Brush your retainer every time you brush your teeth and soak at least once per week. Retainers are just as susceptible to plaque and tartar as your teeth are, and if they’re not properly maintained, this can lead to gum disease and tooth decay!
  • Follow your retainer schedule as recommended by the team of experts at Barnett Orthodontics. Even if you think you are ready for the next schedule, do not start following it until you get the okay from your orthodontist! Skipping ahead prematurely can allow your teeth to shift!

Fixed Retainer

Some patients are good candidates for a fixed retainer. A fixed retainer is simply a wire that is bonded to your teeth from the inside. The benefit is that you don’t have to worry about losing it (as you cannot remove it) or following a retainer schedule. However, you will have to take care when eating certain foods and use special tools to maintain the dental health of your smile.

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Dr. Barnett and Barnett Orthodontics of Austin and Round Rock, Texas (TX), can help your loved one or you achieve your best smile ever. However, we want you to feel confident that your choice of an orthodontist in Austin, Texas, or Round Rock, Texas, is the right one.

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